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King Williams College Isle of Man


I was born in the Isle of Man and went to school there at King Williams College, which was an interesting time! thank goodness for the sport!

I spent most of my childhood either on a football pitch, golf course, my bike or fishing, much to my Mum's delight probably, as I was out of the house for hours on end!

After I left School I eventually joined the Merchant Navy, spending most of my 11+ years with T & J Harrison Line out of Liverpool. Unfortunately the company has come to an end as I knew it. Here are some pictures of their ships:

In the mean time I have decided to put my trips online along with the pictures I took during those trips! It might bring back a few memory's!!

Help needed......

If there are any ex- Harrison Line personnel out there who have old news letters or photos, especially ships, I would love to here from you. Please get in touch.

Crossing the line ceremony M.V.Magician! 1974 Here !!!

Harrisons of Liverpool Book Here (an excellent read)


MV Linguist
Harrison Line Flag
MV Inventor Trip 6
Harrison Book
MV Warrior by Gwil Davies


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