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I joined Harrison Line on 19th November 1973. I can remember the day well as it is my Dad's Birthday and on the ferry over to Liverpool from the Isle of Man I bumped into a very old school friend, Ean Cubbon who was on his way to his ship for his next trip. I later sailed with Ean on the MV Adventurer.

My first trip was on the MV Explorer out of Liverpool to Barbados and we sailed on 20th December 1973 into very bad weather. I was sad to leave so near to Christmas, but little did I know I was to have six away on the trot, and trip 6 (The Inventor) was the last ship out of Liverpool on Chritmas Eve 1975 before they closed down for Christmas!

As far as I can recall the three day week began just before we left, and there was a fuel crises resulting in a slow trip out to Barbados, and to make sure that we were at sea for New Year!!

Overall I had a great time at sea, some trips were better than others, but you had to make the best of it, you couldn't get off at the next set of lights!!

Help needed...............

If there are any ex- Harrison Line personnel out there who have photos, especially ships, I would love to here from you. Please get in touch!!

Many thanks to Paul Lange and Dave Clorley, for their donations.




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