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325.Admiralty Island.Ex Astronomer(5) by Bob Scott
325.Astronomer(5) by Dick Parsons
325aAstronomer(5) by Bob Scott
326.Adviser(2) by John Jones
326a.Adviser by Peter83
326b.Adviser(2) by Gerhard Fiebiger.From Malcolm Cranfield
326c.Adviser(2) From Phil English
328.Author(5) by Richard Hunt
328a.Author(5) by Richard Hunt
328b.Author(5) by Richard Hunt
328c.Author(5) by Richard Hunt
328d.Author(5) by Richard Hunt
328eAuthor(5) from the R.v.Duykeren collection
328f.Author(5) From Robert J.Smith
328g.Author(5) From Simon Kruyswijk
331.Pisces Pioneer by ally1903
331a.Pices Pioneer in Vancover by Richard Hunt
331b.Pisces Pioneer

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