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Reliant in the South Atlantic
Crestbank chartered by Harrisons in 1980 to East Africa
Linguist arriving Houston
Croatia 025
Haircut in Gib
Catering crowd2, Magician 1980
RFA FOST team in Roscoff
No 2 Catering team-Magician
Seaking, RFA Reliant
MV Wayfarer-Durban '82
MV Wayfarer-At sea 1981
RFA Reliant- Off Beirut 1983
RFA Reliant 1983
Dave Dawber, Steve Cattrill, Inventor, '77
Channels night MV Linguist 1980
George, Bosun, MV Linguist
MV Adventurer 1979 Belize
MV Wanderer, Aden
Wayfarer, Durban '81
Jeff Carpenter, Myles O'Reilly, Ronnie Milne, Reliant
Dave Dawber, Rupert Drew, Ronnie Milne, Wanderer, Aden, '83
RFA Reliant3
MV Dalesman2 New Orleans '78
Colin Atkinson-Steve Jeffrey-Odessa '82ish
MV Dalesman New Orleans '78
MV Dalesman Houston '78
MV Dalesman Belize 1978
Ken Amesbury & Rupert Drew-Wayfarer-Maceo Brazil 80's
MV Linguist '80's
Ronnie Standing & Dave Barnes-Trader
Ken Amesbury-Wayfarer
Colin Atkinson-Rupert Drew-Odessa '82ish
Dave Dawber - Trader
MV Magician3 Hong Kong '80
MV Magician2
MV Inventor Cape Town '77
MV Trader
MV Magician
RFA Reliant @ Limassol
RFA Reliant2
MV Adventurer 1978
RFA Reliant
2nd Eng-WAYFARER 82
Chippy Ronnie Stading fixing the alleyway khazi
Barbie - Dalesman - 78
Dave Barnes, 2nd Stwd, Jon Gething and Eric Harris Cadets
2nd Mate
Mate- Wanderer
Brian & Steve - WAYFARER 82
Cadet Mark Bruff and Fire hose
Bridge Team-Big A- 78
Belize 79-Headman Stevedore and his gang @ Lunchtime - Big A
Rupert Drew & his Catering Crowd - Magician 80
Leki's Charlie Williams and Dave Jones -Inventor @ Cape Town 77
Magician 77 - Cape Town
Linguist or Trader - Channels Night 78 ish
Kenny Konasik and Marty Holt - Magican 80
Gething, Holt, Drew, Konasik & Leslie - Magician 80
Headless cadet Glynn Hughes, Rupert Drew & Marty Holt enjoying
2nd, Ginger Murray, Fozzy, Rupert Drew
New cabin - Hilton block on Reliant
Rupert Drew, Arthur Chadwick & Myles O'Reilly ashore in Gib on
Linguist or Trader 1980s-Dave Barnes, 2nd Stwd & Cadets Harris
Linguist 80s - Roy Dobson, George Bosun, 2nd Mate & Rupert Drew
Linguist or Trader 80s
Inventor - 77
Charlie Williams-leki ~& Rupert Drew - Cape Town 77 -Inventor
Reliant 83 - Ronnie Milne, Myles O'Reilly & Rupert Drew
Magician 1980-South Africa. Marty Holt takes charge in the gall
Magician 80. Officers produce & serve food for the saloon durin
Magician 80 - SA coast - resting after a hard saloon service in
Russ Wilson, Ronnie Milne & Myles O'Reilly-Reliant -Falklands 8
Christmas Day @ sea and a prayer service on Linguist or Trader
2nd stwd Peter Keegan, Billy Wignall 2nd Cook and Chief Cook Ke
South Georgia - ashore fm Reliant in 1986
Big A - Belize 79 - Terry, Mick Stoddart & Rupert Drew
Big A - Belize 79
Ray Aspinall & Friends in Cape Town 77
Catering crowd Wayfarer 82
Marc Sprague Cadet - Big A- 79
Dalesman engineer - New Orleans-Bourbon St 1978
Wayfarer 82
Wayfarer 82-Ginger Murray, Ken amesbury
Wayfarer 82 - Fozzy, Ginger & Ken Amesbury
Christmas Day - Magician 80 in Houston
Wayfarer 82 - Ginger, Fozzy & 2nd Eng
cdt eric Harris, 3rd Mate Barry Walker, Inventor 80 in PE
Wanderer -82 - 3rd Mate Steve Lowe & the Mate
Marty Holt, Roy Dobson, Derek Skillander & the Chief - Linguist
Magician 80 - Geoff Batchelor, Glynn Cadet, Rupert drew & Georg
Magician 80 -George Hughes, Marty Holt, Cadet, Rupert Drew
WAYFARER en route Antwerp with coal fm Durban 82
Dalesman Engineer-New Orleans- 78
Chief Off Wanderer -Aden 83 - relieving the boredom by chipping
Ronnie Milne ashore fm Reliant in downtown Stanley FI - 84
Arthur Chadwick & Myles O'Reilly ashore in Gib fm Reliant 83
Wanderer - Aden -82
Chef Dawber - Wanderer bbq - Aden 82
Russ Wilson, Rupert Drew, Myles O'Reilly and Ronnie Milne with
Bill Butcher and Geoff Carpenter ashore fm Reliant in South Geo
Wayfarer Durban 81
Beachside Aden fm Wanderer 82
Wanderer Aden 1982
Magician 80 - hours of fun with a toilet brush
Magician 77 -Cape Town 77 and John Cubbin
Cape Town 77
Rupert Drew, Ray Aspinall, Ronnie Slade and unknown others atop
Steve Cattrell and Dave Dawber - Inventor-Cape Town 77
Cadet Marc Sprague, leki Ray Aspinall in Cape town 1977
Channels Night - Linguist or Trader -80s
WAYFARER 82 - Amesbury, Drew, Fozzy, Jefferies
Myles O'Reilly and Ronnie Milne admiring their General Service
Rupert Drew, Barry Walker and Marc Sprague- Big A 1979
reliant (4)
WAYFARER-Durban 82
Big A 78

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