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Bob Allmark & Friend, BelizeTrader 1979
Avonmouth Port Policeman, Stevie Green, Ron 'Kiwi@ Lewis, Phil Waterfall Craftsman 1980
Bob Allmark, Ken Amsbury and two I  cant remember, Belize Trader 1979
Not sure, Kenny Burch, Steve Kirkwood Warrior 1981
Not sure, possibly Phil Fleetwood, Philippines - Auckland Warrior 1984
Mally Pakes, Kenny Burch, Steve Kirkwood, Ausy Coast Warrior 1981
Tony Gargan Pto. Cortez Author 1984
Sierra leone crew exorcising boat, New Years day Wanderer 1983
Phil Mault, Mark Lewis breakfast time in Catagena Custodian 1979
Vietnamese boat people, the toddler being carried was 'officially' born on board, Manila Harbour Wayfarer 1980

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