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Eric Haworth 5E and myself 4E Historian. Cape Town '76
Steve Almond 4E Historian '74
Statesman in Vera Cruz 1973
Advocate in Mersey. Hain Nourse charter '72
Sculptor in Mersey c. 1959
Astronomer taken by my Father. I am on port bridge wing. 1980
Phil Waterfall 5E Specialist '78
Fred Brewer, 6E. Pete Tootle 5E. Billy Lambert 2E Historian '74
T&J Hist 0101
T&J Lamma 03
T&J Lamma 04
Lamma Forest loading shredded scrap Rhode Island 1985
T&J Lamma 02
Painting Historian 1975
T&J Author of Lynas taken by my Dad.
T&J Linguist 03
T&J Pioneer 01
T&J Trader
Pilot arriving on Lantau Trader for Barrier Reef into Mackay
T&J Lantau 2
T&J Lantau 3
T&J Lantau 4
T&J Lantau 5
Bob Pearce(Denholm Capt) My wife Kathy John Joseph(CE) Lamma Forest '85
Capt. Fred Martin and John Gasgoigne(CE) P.Pioneer 1984
City of Durban Seaforth Dec 1981
CoD as Portland Bay in Port Chalmers NZ 1983
CoD Dry dock Bremerhaven
CoD Eng Room
CoD Eng. Room
CoD My cabin view.
CoD New paint job!
CoD Port prop shaft
CoD Port propeller
CoD Stbd prop shaft being withdrawn
Dave Lyons (4E) P.Pioneer 1984
Don Nicolson (3E) P.Pioneer 1984
Don Nicolson(3E), Frank Steel P.Pioneer 1986
John Joseph, Kathy, Pat Holloway, Solution Pang (3rd Mate) with locals in Mersin. Lamma Forest '85
John Joseph, Pat Holloway(CO) Kathy Lamma Forest '85
John Maskell and myself P.Pioneer 1986
Lantau Trader. Rose Bay Sydney 1984
M.V. Specialist
Me and Pat Holloway. Lamma Forest '85
Me, John Sinclair(CE) Steve Sardool(RO) Karachi. Lamma Forest '85
MV Specialist
MV. Specialist
Phil Waterfall (5E) Specialist 1978
Phil Waterfall 5E Specialist 1978
Pisces Pioneer. Chittagong 1986
Sea Trials Brigade P.Pioneer Yokohama 1984
Smocko Lamma Forest 1985
T&J Advi 10
T&J Hist 30
T&J Historian
T&J Hist 32
T&J Hist 33
T&J Spec 32
T&J Specialist
Tony Atkin 2nd Mate P. Piomeer 1984
Tony Atkin 2nd Mate. P.Pioneer 1986
Cape 001
Cape 01
Cape 02
Cape 03
Cape 04
Cast Otter
Cunard Ambassador 4
EC 02
EC 03
EC 04
EC 05
HMS Ant 07
T&J Historian 0001
T&J Inventor 0001
T&J Lamma016
T&J Lamma017
T&J Lantau 07
T&J Lantau 09
T&J Statesman
T&J Transformer
T&J Transformer2
T&J Wand 001
T&J Wand 002
T&J Wayfarer
USS 0029
USS Connelly
USS Iowa
USS Scrapyard 4
USS Texas 02

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