Faces in Places

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Richard Hunt: Cadet - 3/0 Tony Widgington: AB Alan Cook:Purser Ken Mayren:Electrician John Atherton:3rd Eng Robin Beck: Elec.
Alan Thompson 2/E - C/E
Jimmy Rees Eng Cadet-5/E
Chris Sims (Elec)
Mike Hudson
Christmas Lunch 2011
Rupert Drew(Cat Off)
Steve Jeffrey
Mally Pakes
Mike Farmer
Steve Matthews
Graham Jones Eng Cadet.
Angus Dunn
Christmas Lunch 2012
Ralph Whitaker 6/E- 3/E
Pat Holloway C/O
Dave Woods
Graham Robinson (Robbie)
Adriano (Wayfarer3)
Peter Heyes
Louis Fernandes
Christmas Lunch 2013
Mike Manley
Christmas Lunch 2013 (pub)
Norman Lidbury(6E-2E)
John & Brenda's 50th
Peter Robinson Eng
Christmas Lunch 2014 (pub)
Jon Bregazzi Eng Cadet
Trevor Cunliffe


I Thought it might be an idea to add pictures from Harrison Line crew personnel, if you would like to send any in that you have scanned,


If you would like me to scan them in for you and return them, I would be happy to do so, please email me for details.

Everybody will have their own link so their pictures can be found by fellow trip mates.


If you can identify anybody in the pictures that hasn't been named, please let me know.


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November 8, 2018