On 12th May 2007 at Blackpool's Stanley Park Athletic stadium Reagan Dee, a young athlete from the Isle of Man raised the Lancashire High Jump record from 1.42m to 1.48m for the under 12's




Regan Dee

Reagan at Blackpool May 2012 in the under 20s class which she won with 1.68m


A very big WELL DONE from all of us.

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Now this was all done on the day that she travelled from tha Isle of Man by air to Liverpool, got a coach from there to Blackpool, competed in the long jump half an hour before; didn't have her trainer with her; had her proud Dad(Mike) watching(which she hates)! and her Uncle pointing a camera and yelling at her all day!!. Reagan also did about 3/4 jumps extra than she needed to do!!


Update: Reagan has since jumped 1.49m in a school event!

Update: Sunday April 27th Reagan cleared 1.60m at the Isle of Man's Nationl Sports Centre.

Update: Sunday April 5th 2009 Reagan jumped 1.65m at the Isle of Man's Nationl Sports Centre to break the Manx Record.

Update: Sunday 24th May 2009 Reagan jumped 1.67m in competition in Gateshead.

Update: May 2011 Reagan has extended the Manx record to 1.70m and jumped 1.70 in Salford on 4th June.

Blackpool May 2012: Reagan wins with a new games record of 1.68m in blustry conditions.




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