Half Milenium Way


Team : Three legs of Yorkshire

Robert Parker, Russell Collister, Sue Tupling, Matt Tupling


Matt TuplingSue Tupling

Matt & Sue in previous events.


The Millenium Way map.......started from 19 this year.


Some say that this is only the 3rd time in its 26 year history that the contingencey plan has been put into place, and that Sue thought her leg went from sea level to 10,000 feet!! All I know is that it poured with rain and blew a howling gale!

I was out following the event and taking pictures where I could manage to hold a brolley and a camera at the same time! So I am sorry to say that my camera expertise was much to be desired as you will see.


Now then, lets talk about the race! As you can see from the map Sue who is a relative novice to racing had to do leg 1 which we have alreay established went to 10,000 feet! well up hill for most of the way, and Matt who is a vetran compared to Sue got leg 2, the easy peasy route, ALL down hill.



Mileniumway profile

Millenium Way profile.


Joking apart, Sue got a spot prize of a weekened for 2 in St Tropez for her excellent time of 35:38, but she decided to turn this down and chose a selection box instead! Matt turned in a great time for the muddy conditions of 43:00. Robert produced an excellent run of 31:47(1) and Russell also produced a great time of 37:20(2). A very big WELL DONE to one and all, including all the marshalls who with out them the event wouldn't have happened.




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May 22, 2011